day 146 – pre-pro


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All images taken with Pentax Optio 1500

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cleansing randevouz


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then suddenly i come back to this, my old old path

i remembered – as same as i could

with all cross roads and intersections

i remembered – as same as i would.


why am i here? – i asked him

why am i here? – i asked her

why am i here? – i asked the another her

they answered ‘watch’ – as same as they could.


the same old movies, the same odd picture

some very bad, i would cry

some very nice, i would die

why do you take me back? – as same as i lured.


watch, and learn – they say, i can’t – i say

you take this task, you take this cleanse

purify your soul, purify your goal

yet i am not done? – as same as i cured.


all bad as you could cry, all nice as you could die

you are not done, my dear

all bad i could shy, all nice i could should – mood

heaven, nirvana, or even an illusion – as same as i could be sure.


jkt / 9 june 2011

day 3


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Oops ! sorry, i posted day-3 on day-4. here is an email i got from France, so happy and honored, but i really hope that she didn’t misspelled my name. hakhak !

on the way to Jl. Tendean, waiting for mister cabby to pick me up. up up pick me up dearest mr cabby !

one of the places which I call home 🙂

good nite my love. hoping to see you again, soon.

watch out momma ! Gremlins will jump out the TV screen…

maybe. just maybe.


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maybe i wont survive this

or maybe i will

i wouldn’t know until i get there.

if the universe lets me fulfill my duty in life, i would –

but if not, then this is my wish list

i would want peace in all hearts

i would want all hearts to heal and have love

i would want healed souls who have commitment to heal others.

in the time being, i would still do what i have to do

and let this be the time of my life.